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What on Earth is Audoblex?

Those who keep relatively up to date with me via twitter will have noticed over the past 6 months a certain name "Audoblex". In truth this has been a long time coming and has taken a year to get there, with the initial plan for this being about 18 months previous.

So what exactly is it?

Well Audoblex is the idea of a safe space to share content with Voice Over in mind. A place for myself to be creative, which quickly spiralled into the reality of what it could be, the infinite scope to include everyone. To begin with this is myself and a select few others who share the same vision. To create content that resonates with others like ourselves, to voice over this content and make this accessible where we can to everybody.

Starting with a Flagship piece - The Fantasy News Network or "FNN" - is designed to be as inclusive as we can without making it too complicated for us to achieve or produce in the first place. On the surface this is quite simple - A podcast, with stylised subtitles on a static background. Behind this are about 20 or so art assets, music, artists, voice actors, video editors, audio technicians, writers, directors, all of this done by 2 people; that which we can't do we have outsourced: for this particular production the character art was done by Kaitlin Bruder. And we have a huge scope to grow beyond just the pair of us but I cannot give too much away; call it yet another NDA I cannot disclose. Bottom line is we're trying to do something we enjoy and to include as many as we can, both audience wise and as part of the team. If this is well received we'll look at a patreon or similar later on down the line.

The characters are already especially dear to me and have grown so much from my initial idea 18 months ago. Having input from my good friend and Co-Founder Greg Campbell and being able to include the artist talents of Kaitlin make it that much more special than a random commercial or ad read, I can really let my inner writer shine through and it feels great. Which it's worth mentioning that FNN is improv orientated, a skill I did not know I possessed. We'll sit and workshop with each other certain topics and think on how the characters Aldraak and Salfrickt would react, and just let the ball keep rolling with very little editing in the final cut. It feels great to finally see the fruits of our labour over the past year turn into something far better than I thought it would.

How can you help? Watch the content, if you're a voice actor starting out without any credits we will be casting out at some point. We have plans to do some workshops with groups of people, so we can mentor and teach those who want to get into voice acting or improv who have that same thirst for knowledge. Reach out to us on social media, if you like our content share it around as it enables us to grow and produce more of what you enjoy and what we love.

As always, Have a fantastic week

Bravster / Stephen FYI for more of Kaitlins work check out


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