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Improved site is live!

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

After a good few months of planning, recording and hard work the new site is good to go!

You should be able to find an improved player for all the reels I previously had on the website as well as the addition of individual characters - if you want to hear a dragon, orc, goblin or an insane alchemist you can hear such at the click of a button rather than spending time going through a few minutes of a standard reel.

Another addition is the inclusion of this blog - here I'll keep you updated with any projects I'm working on that I am allowed to discuss, opinion pieces and the occasional bit of information relating to life within the voice acting world.

You may also notice the words Audoblex and Fantasy News Network popping up relatively soon, both on the blog and on the main site - information will be shared on this in due time.

To all readers have a fantastic day!

Stephen / Bravster

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