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Getting Started

Recently I've been seeing many who are new to the industry struggling to know where to start or where to look for advice on getting started.

In my experience many who I reached out to initially did not offer any advice if they responded at all, which was disheartening to say the least but it did teach me a few vital lessons early on - perseverance, acceptance and acknowledgement.

Simply put - not everyone is going to have the time or want to communicate with you.

There could be a million different reasons for this you simply need to accept this and move on as it's very much the same reaching out to clients, sometime's it can take months to hear back from a new agent, casting director, another actor or business.

Most of the time it will never be personal - even though it is your brand and it may feel personal you need to be patient.

I will say in regards to reaching out to other actors and voice actors, do not stop doing so.

Those with the passion, honesty and most importantly time will likely remember what their first steps into the industry were like and will usually help or point you somewhere to look for what you want to know.

I can happily say there are two people who stand out in my mind who really helped me when I was first starting out, I will not go too much into the advice that was given but they both pointed towards continuing to learn throughout your career.

Being an actor in any form means you are forever learning, questioning and growing.

Two resources I reflect on are : - GFTB - VON

Both sites and the people within have taught me much and the experiences I've had from both I would say are positive.

I'm not about to review both but I would say if you are struggling definitely look toward both and see what they offer and if either is applicable to yourself and your situation.

If your questions or thoughts are a bit more personal please continue reaching out, as long as you're respectful and polite many will not mind.

Have an awesome day.

Stephen / Bravster

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