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Characters & Worlds

When you think of a character whats the first thing that springs to mind? Is it the physicality, what they look like, their name, their background?

Regardless of this every single part makes up a whole, much like your own story. Every detail no matter how small moulds and shapes - but the world itself I feel is the most important question that anyone should ask within character creation/work-shopping.

Take a look at a fantasy character. The First question I would personally ask would be what is the world like? Is it like Tolkien's vision of middle earth, or is it swaying more towards Pratchett's Discworld series? Once the world and its lore is know its very easy to create a character as you already know; or can at least research how each race or group of characters coexist. You usually have the physicality and their native tongue down as well I.E Dwarves in most fantasy tropes tend to be gruff/stout Scottish types. And those again are small parts that bring so much more to light.

Each and every part affects their voice just as much if not more than their physical appearance. Maybe their race has been oppressed by another for years or kept as slaves, this may make the character untrusting, aggressive or jittery.

The delivery regardless of accent or locale changes dependent on the core aspects of how the world affects this one being and how they fit into it as one small part which leads easily into their backstory, the more personal side of the characters "own" world or bubble.

As actors this should always be question one. A good understanding of that world makes that little goblin or giant ogre fit in and seem far more believable.

As always have a fantastic week!


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